I’m back!

I’m still alive! It been a very rough and challenging journey but I made it here in Guildford, United Kingdom. It’s official, this will be my home for a couple of years. My last blogpost was December 2016 and it was about me leaving Saudi Arabia. During the past 6 months I had a long vacation in the Philippines and I took the stressful OSCEs. I have so many stories to tell and I can’t wait to post it here in my blog. Guildford is such a lovely but expensive place. I also got a lovely new wide angle lens.


That’s my thumb literally liking the Guildford castle.

Anyway, I’m currently watching “13 reasons why” on Netflix and I’m kinda hooked to it. I’ll update this blog this week so see yah! ūüôā

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4 Years working in Saudi Arabia

My 4 years adventure here in Saudi Arabia flew so fast! I’m only 22 years old when I first came here and now, I’m 26! There were so many great memories that I will treasure forever. I will never forget the friends that I met here. I love you all! I’m so thankful for everything. It’s sad to leave but this place became my comfort zone. I will not grow if I do not take a risk and just stay in my comfort zone. To end this post, I like to share this quote from my favorite Internet vlogger “With each success must come a newer and more ambitious goal”. Here’s a short video of my journey working in Saudi Arabia.

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Last working day in Saudi Arabia

angeloIt’s official guys! I am unemployed. After more than 4 years of working as an Operating Room Nurse in International Medical Center I decided not to renew my contract and move on to the next chapter of my life. I still have 2 weeks to explore Jeddah¬†before I move back to the Philippines. I really need to visit places that I love here in Jeddah because I know there’s a huge possibility that I won’t¬†be able to see them again. Jeddah is not like Dubai that I can apply for a tourist visa anytime I like. I will really miss my co-workers and all the fun memories I have with them. What’s so sad is that I have no idea when will I see my former co-workers again. But as the saying goes, The only constant thing in life is change.

Saudi Arabia became my comfort zone. The pay is nice and the expenses are¬†very low. If you want to work and just to save money, this is the perfect place. If you are a traveller, Saudi Arabia is very accessible geographically to other countries. In my stay here, I visited¬†10 countries. Jeddah is also good for shop-a-holics. Prices of gadgets and branded clothes are cheaper compare to other countries. Having said that, I realized that I’m so young to stay in my comfort zone. I will not grow if I just stay here. I only got one chance to live and I don’t want to feel stagnant with the rest of my life.

International Medical Center is an awesome workplace. Architecturally, the hospital design is so beautiful and I honestly think that¬†this is the most gorgeous hospital that I have been to throughout my nursing career. They treat their employees well and I’m so thankful for it. To give you an idea what my former workplace looked like, here is the crappy iPhone photo I have:


To be honest it’s a bittersweet feeling. Although I’m sad leaving my friends and family in Jeddah, I’m looking forward to spend my Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the Philippines! ¬†The last time I spend Christmas in the Philippines was way back 2011. My next career move is exciting and risky. If I’m anxious thinking about it, I just remember Kelly Clarkson’s lyric “Take a risk and breakaway”. It will be a big challenge for me next year and I’m thinking positive that I can make it.

To close this blog post, I will show you a picture of me before my first day of work compared to my last working day. My friends told me that I didn’t¬†aged and it’s a good thing.


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Jogging in Saudi Arabia


I know some of you have no idea what Saudi Arabia looks like. Here in my new vlog, I will share with you my new favorite jogging place. I’m trying my best to lose weight these past few weeks so I decided to go out and jog. I do hope you like my video and if ever you have a Youtube account, please subscribe on my channel.

I’m enjoying doing vlogs lately but I don’t want to stop blogging also.  I will still update this blog regularly and I want to thank my 14 WordPress followers for reading my blog. It really means a lot to me.

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Why I hate using my DSLR

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-01-24-25I am pretty active on Youtube nowadays and I recently posted a video about what’s happening about me recently. If you do have a Youtube account please do subscribe on my channel. You can watch the video below:

Also, our 2016 Nursing Grand Rounds called Just Culture: Necessary Environment for Safe Practice ended few days ago and I uploaded one of the video clips that I directed. It’s about giving wrong medication and you can also watch the video below:

¬†I hope you are all doing fine. I am sorry because I remember in my past few blog post I promised to blog about Rome and Vatican City for August but I failed to do so. If I have time I will definitely make a blogpost about it. Thank you guys for reading my blog. I’m happy that I’m gaining followers and my blog is not that much dead. If you want to say something just comment and I will surely reply to you. I love to talk to my readers. Until next time ;)!

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Lots of my friends told me that there’s nothing special in SHAKE SHACK. I tried the restaurant yesterday for dinner and I enjoyed it! I ordered the vegetarian burger and I’m not even a vegetarian. I will definitely return again and maybe try their milkshakes.

Here is my short vlog in SHAKE SHACK:

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World’s Tallest Fountain


It was a perfect day because I’m off. I planned to go to the mall to register my fingerprint for my internet sim card and proceed to Starbucks after, to drink my favorite coffee while finishing the Nicholas Sparks novel that I’m reading for ages. So when I went to the mall, there was a long line in the stall for my internet service provider. I patiently waited and when it was my turn, the system was down and they told me to return again tomorrow. I was like “Ok, I’ll just go to Starbucks!”. I ordered Coffee Mocha, skimmed milk, no whipped cream, no caramel and halloumi sandwich. When my coffee arrived, it was Cafe Americano. The Barista apologized and changed my coffee. When my order was complete and I was just about to sit and relax on the soft brown living room type of chair, the Barista told me that it was prayer time and unfortunately, I can’t stay inside the store. Stores in Saudi Arabia closed for 15-30¬†minutes, five times a day (if I’m not mistaken) for prayer time. Could this day get any worse? I decided to stop whining about very small things and just start vlogging. I filmed King Fahd’s Fountain which was built around 1980’s and it was the tallest fountain in the world. It was the first time I used timelapse. I’m happy with the results even tough it looks bad but still, I know now how to do timelapse. After I watched the fountain for a few minutes, I jogged for an hour because in the past few months I gained so much weight and I’m not happy about it. Anyway, here is my vlog and I hope you all enjoy watching it.



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