Every morning I have a daily routine of reading news and browsing latest twitter trends. The “#ThingsIDoWhenILikeYou” caught my attention. When we like someone we do embarrassing and funny things we never imagined that we did. I smiled a lot reading the tweets and some photos are really funny.

These are some of my favourite tweets:

: Tbh I’d avoid you as much as possible and make it seem like I pay little to no attention to you.”

: I automatically think you’re the most attractive person in the world”

This is my own tweet:

Pretend I’m dumb so I can start a conversation….

Well, because when I’m with the person I really like I don’t know what to say. Just to start a conversation I say lots of stupid, awkward and embarrassing things that I regret haha! 

These are my favourite photos:

It’s over exaggerated but this is what I feel when I get a reply  haha! The problem with me is that I over think what will be my next reply that I messed it up. 


Haha this photo is funny! I also do that! It makes me look like I’m mad hahahah! 

In the end, I think when we are with the person we really like, we should be ourselves. We don’t need to pretend we are someone or something. Let our real personality shows. If the person likes you too he or she will accept you the way you are. The big problem is, If the person don’t like you haha! My advice is just move on, There are lots of fishes in the sea and tweet about #ThingsIDoWhenYouDontLikeMe. Hahahaha!  Share your favorite #ThingsIDoWhenILikeYou tweets. I’m interested to read it 🙂 

About Angelo

I love music, airplane food, steak, travelling, photography & video games.
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