What am I playing?

I’m trying to love video games this year. I will start by playing mobile games. Currently, I’m playing 3 different games right now. These are old games but I like it!On my iPad:

Angry Birds Star Wars:

I know people are so sick of Angry birds. I never even loved all the Angry Birds games. One day, I’m bored and I just downloaded it and played it. I’m hooked to it! I want to reach 3 stars all the time but I really failed.

On my mobile phone:

Cut The Rope:

Another super old game. I love it! I like the creature eating the candy. It’s so cute. Wait I will google it.. Om Nom!!! The name of the creature is Om Nom!! I want an Om Nom pillow or stuff toy right now. 😀

On Hannah’s PSP Vita:

Little Big Planet:

Well, my niece got a PSP Vita that she used it for like weeks only and then never played it that much anymore. I started playing it for two weeks now and I only play “Little Big Planet” on it. I love the different settings/background. It’s fun to play and I hope I can finish it!

What are you guys playing right now?

About Angelo

I love music, airplane food, steak, travelling, photography & video games.
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