Esmee Denters

Esmee Denters is one of my favourite youtube musicians when I was in college. In the past I watched her videos all the time. I was so inspired when she got signed with a major label.
Today, while I’m browsing videos on youtube I saw her channel again. I completely forgot how talented she is. I have no idea why her singles “Outta Here”, “Admit It” & “Love Dealer” failed to make impact. I also found out that she is not signed to a label anymore.
I’m listening to her new song “Anything For The Money” and I think it is better than most of the songs currently on the charts right now. If the song is available on iTunes I will definitely buy it! I do hope she will pull a Katy Perry someday. What I mean is that she will be signed again by another label and become super successful. I wish her all the best.
Honestly, watching her videos makes me want to grab my guitar and record myself singing on youtube hahaha! I’m a nurse but I’m dreaming to be in the music industry since I was a kid. I’m super happy when I am singing and writing my own songs. I am not even good in guitar playing and I do not know how to read musical notes. I just play with guitar chords and then I make a melody out of it. I promise myself I will not leave this world without releasing my own full length album hahaha! Let’s dream big ;). I know it sounds so delusional but I do hope one day I can make it.

About Angelo

I love music, airplane food, steak, travelling, photography & video games.
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