Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens

My EOS 100D turned 1 year old this month. To be honest I’m still not that familliar operating my DSLR camera. My vacation is coming so I decided to read about photography.  I want to practice taking awesome shots because I don’t want my vacation photos to look like a mess. As of now I know about Aperture, Exposure, ISO, Depth of Field & Shutter speed. I also learned the different type of lens. Lens are so expensive!One day, I went to canon store and saw this cheap lens Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens (It’s cheap compared to other lenses). I gave it a try.

Here are my sample shots:

I love it! First of all, because it is so light. It’s good when travelling because I don’t like carrying heavy things while exploring places. It produces sharp images. It’s so perfect for low light/street/portrait photography!

Ok! Maybe my reaction/review for this lens is exaggerated. I never tried other lenses before except the kit lens and this one. Next year I might buy a wide angle lens if my money permits. I hope my vacation photos this year will be amazing! ;).

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I love music, airplane food, steak, travelling, photography & video games.
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