Lowepro Photo Traveler 150 Review

My previous camera bag did not survive the rain when I brought it to the beach. I went to the mall to find a new camera bag that is water-resistant, simple and light. I found the Lower Photo Traveler 150. It’s ultra-compact and light backpack.

The Lowepro Photo Traveller 150

The Lowepro Photo Traveler 150

I love to travel light. I don’t want to carry lots of things. Last time I brought a tripod, I left it in our service and never found it again. The bag is so perfect for my needs. I like the divisions inside the bag.  It can fit my camera (Canon EOS 100d), lenses, chargers, remote control perfectly. The interior of the bad is fully padded which is good for protection of your things.


Fully-paded interiors

I also like that I can put my pens, tablet, phones and other small things in the front pocket. On the sides of it you can place your water bottles and there is an attachment loop where you can place additional cases. There is also a nice easy grip carrying handle placed on the top of the bag.

I love the front pocket

I love the front pocket

Overall, I really love that bag! I just wish there are other color options like black or blue. I can not wait to travel with it.  I bought this bag for 220SR but in the U.S. it’s only 49.99$ and also it’s discounted on amazon.com for only 26.99$.

Lowepro Website: http://store.lowepro.com/photo-traveler-150

Buy it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Lowepro-Photo-Traveler-150/dp/B00B1D2Q7A

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