Pan Jan – “Asian Restaurant with an Urban Twist”


Pan Jan is an Asian Restaurant. I like Pan Jan because of it’s price and the modern but simple interiors of the place. If you’re on a budget and want cheaper alternative to P.F. Chang’s, I think this is the best place for you. I actually enjoyed the food in Pan Jan more than in P.F. Chang’s. When we arrived the waiter served us nuts that are sweet and spicy. I am addicted to it!

Yummy Nuts

Yummy Nuts

We ordered California Maki for appetizer. It’s delicious. I am used to California Maki with Mango inside but here they put Avocado and I like it.

California Roll or Maki

California Roll or Maki

We ordered Rock Shrimp (My favourite), Grilled Chicken, Beef (I forgot the name) and Rice. The Rice is good but the chicken is so spicy. The Rock shrimp is the best! The Beef is nothing special.

Rock Shrimp My Favorite!

Rock Shrimp My Favorite!

Super Spice Grilled Chicken

Super Spicy Grilled Chicken

IMG_0361 IMG_0360

We also tried their noodles. I ordered “Yakiudon” for myself. I forgot the name of the noodles my friend ordered but I like it more than my Yakiudon.

IMG_0359 IMG_0358

Pan Jan is really nice and cheap Urban Asian Restaurant. It will only cost you around 40-80 riyals per order. It is located in The Courtyard City, Prince Sultan St., Jeddah, KSA.

For more info about Pan Jan here is the link: Jeddah Food

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