Teayana: Loose Leaf Tea Experience

My Revitalising Tea

My Revitalising Tea                                

I’m not a tea person. One day, My friends and I visited my Supervisor’s house and she offered us tea. I saw how she prepared it. What made me curious is that her tea is loose leaf. I never tried loose leaf tea before. So she got her own infuser and started to brew the fragrant loose leaf tea. When I tried the tea it is so delicious. So I asked her where can I get one and she told me “Teayana”.



“Teayana” is like a Jeddah version of “Teayana”. It’s a tea shop where you can buy wide selections of loose leaf tea (They even got Gold tea!), infusers, tumblers and all other things you need to have a perfect tea experience. What I like about the shop is that there is a tea specialist that will guide you what to buy and gives you info about the tea, brewing time etc. etc.

Wide selection of Tea

Wide selection of Tea

My friends and I got lucky because they have a discount with some of the flavours. For just 25SR (Regular price is 75SR) I got 0.1 kg tea and container. I even got this awesome perfect tea timer from Germany for only 35SR (Used to be 118SR).

Perfect Tea timer

Perfect Tea timer

Right now, I have the forever young Aloe Vera tea and the Revitalising tea and I got so addicted to it that I want to buy more flavours.

IMG_0533Here are the branches of Teayana in Jeddah:

Teayana Khaldiya,
Rawdah street, Lines Center, Khaldiya District

02- 606 5850

Teayana Corniche,
North Corniche, Attalah Commercial Center, Shatea District

02-236 8220

Teayana Redsea Mall, 
Malek Road, Redsea Mall, Gate #9

215 0620

They even got a take away number: 920001377

For more info about Teayana, You can visit the website here.

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