Kelly Clarkson – Piece By Piece (Album Review)

The last Pop album I purchased is 1989 by Taylor Swift. I played it lots of times and I’m a little sick of it. I’m excited that Kelly Clarkson’s new album came out because finally I can replace 1989. I’m a big Kelly Clarkson fan. I have all her albums and some unreleased songs.  I bought her new album “Piece by Piece” on its release week. I read somewhere that this is her last pop record for her contract under winning American Idol.


Piece By Piece – Kelly Clarkson

I can say that the album is a “Grower”. What I mean by grower is that you need to listen to it for a few times before you appreciate it. There are songs that I really love like the title track “Piece by Piece”, “Good Goes The Bye” and “In The Blue” (How come this song is buried as deluxe edition track?!) . The chorus of Piece by Piece is awesome and you can feel the emotions in the song. “I Had a Dream” & “Second Wind” sounded like a Ryan Tedder production with killer chorus. “Dance With Me” is an anthem and it can be a big hit for her.  “Take You High” sounded something I never heard before from Kelly. “Invincible” Kelly said in some of her interviews that it will be the second single but I hope they will cancel it because it’s a weak choice for second single. “Heartbeat Song” the first single sounded like a mix of her past number 1 hits merged into one song.

Some of the songs are a little over produced and it’s drowning her amazing vocals. I don’t like how they arrange the track listing. The 3 Deluxe Edition tracks are actually better than most of the songs that made it in the original track listing. I don’t know if it is only me but I feel like she did not give too much effort in creating this album. Overall, it’s a good album and I hope it can produce hits.

Track listing:

1.  Heartbeat Song
2.  Invincible
3.  Someone
4.  Take You High
5.  Piece By Piece
6.  Run Run Run featuring John Legend
7.  I Had A Dream
8.  Let Your Tears Fall
9.  Tightrope
10. War Paint
11. Dance With Me
12. Nostalgic
13. Good Goes The Bye

Deluxe Edition Tracks:

14. Bad Reputation
15. In The Blue
16. Second Wind

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