Le Churro Station – My New Addiction


Le Churro Station

Churros or sometimes called Tejeringos are fried dough pastries. My friend introduced it to me and I’m so addicted to it. Le Churro Station is a small shop located in Al Batarji branch Jeddah. Le Churro station opened its doors in Jeddah with the idea of offering traditional churros from Spain in a fun and friendly atmosphere (according to their Instagram). They are offering classic small churro in plain, cinnamon and sugar flavour for only 10SR / 3 pcs.. They also have (the one I love) called the Hollow Churro which is a big churro filled with nutella, custard or cheese 10SR/ 1 pc.


Hollow Churro

I love that you can see them cooking it and they serve it to you fresh and hot!

You can visit their instagram here: https://instagram.com/churrojeddah/

Their website: http://www.churro.sdv.sa

IMG_0623 IMG_0626

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2 Responses to Le Churro Station – My New Addiction

  1. Victor Ho says:

    Stopped by there on your recommendation. The churros were slightly burnt. But the confection was as billed. It took much longer to prepare and behind glass was perfectly safe. In Tijuana, Mexico they are made from a grocery shopping cart and the streetside service takes only seconds before you walk away with a small brown bag and several churros. They are also a dollar. Great fun. Thanks for the tip and the find.

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