Margherita Pizzeria – Taste of Naples in Jeddah

You know the feeling when you want to blog about a nice restaurant and when you take out your camera to take photos you find out that you left your memory card at home connected in your laptop?!?! Happened to me for the first time and I hate it! Thank heavens for iPhone & its filters.


Margherita or Margherita pizzeria del quartiere dal 1959 (I don’t know how to pronounce that!) is an Italian restaurant in Al Amir Sultan, Al Khalidiyah, Jeddah 23423, Saudi Arabia. According to their website they deliver the authentic taste of Naples with simplicity and elegance. The interiors of the place is indeed simple and elegant. I like the European setting of the restaurant.


My favourite is the menu booklet because it’s different from lots of Restaurant I’ve been to in Jeddah. It is really like a book with introduction and chapters. It’s cool and it is divided into 9 chapters Antipaste & Insalate, Bruschettone, Contorni, Primi Piatti, Zuppe, Risotti, Pizze, Secondi Piatti & Dolci. I just pinpoint what I want with the waiter because I might read it wrong haha! What’s missing in the menu is the pictures of food but I like the element of surprise because you don’t know the appearance of your food until they serve it.

Risotto al Limone con Gamberi -It’s Rice with Shrimps and Lemon. I like it! It’s heavy and the lemon is owerpowering everything but I’m a big fan of Risotto.


Filetto di Manzo con Funghi – Grilled beef filet with potato purée and mushroom sauce. The steak is delicious but when we ordered it they forgot to give us the mushroom sauce.


Lasagna I forgot the name of the food – I ordered Lasagna but instead of beef it is filled with spinach. It’s nice.

IMG_0745After we eat the waiter let us choose a number between 1-92 and he told us if the number we choose comes out (like a Bingo) our meal is free. We failed haha!

Good thing about this restaurant is the price. It’s not that expensive and it ranges from 40-80 riyals per order.

Visit their website here.

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