Mariah Carey – Infinity

IMG_1171Mariah Carey left Def Jam Recording and reunite again with Sony Music after about 15 years. Now she is back with a banging new single called “Infinity”. It’s the lead single for her new compilation album “#1 to Infinity” and her Las Vegas Residency show at the Colosseum, Caesar’s Palace. I like the song. It sounded like a fusion of 90’s and modern Mariah. “Boy you actin’ so corny like Fritos” and “Why U Mad?” are few of the lines of Infinity that made me laugh. It’s a break up anthem with a glass shatteing ending note . I have a feeling it will be a smash! Her last number 1 single was 7 years ago with “Touch My Body” after that her albums performed moderately and her other singles can’t even manage to crack top 40. I hope this will be the single that will bring her again back to #1.

Download “Infinity” on iTunes:
Pre-order the #1 to Infinity album now:…

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