Sushi Yoshi – Japanese Restaurant in Jeddah


Last night, I want to go to seaside with my family and just drink starbucks while enjoying the view. I also want to test the camera of my new iPhone (I am actually using it now for this blog entry). When we got there the seaside area is closed! So we decided to eat in a nearby restaurant called “Sushi Yoshi”. It’s a Japanese restaurant and they serve different kinds of soups, maki, sushi, tempura, salads and rice meals depends what branch you visited. They are not serving rice meals and there are items in the menu that are not available in the branch we visited. They are also selling snacks from Japan like chococolates, drinks, Japanese version of Oreo etc.

We ordered kani soup (crab, seaweed and maybe mushroom soup) and we thought it was a big serving.  When the order arrived it so small but the soup is good. 

We chose Crab tempura as our appetiser. I like it! It’s 32sr per 5 pieces.

My favorite is their Salads. I love the Kani and Ebi Salad.

We ordered Mixed Platter for our sushi. I thought maybe we should order more but in the end we feel so full.


Sushi Yoshi location:,39.154308&sspn=0.0002136,0.0003061&q=sushi+yoshi+jeddah+corniche&gmm=CgIgAQ%3D%3D

Overall the reastaurant is not that expensive and I will definitely return again! 

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