Outback Restaurant Experience

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! My sister and I wanted to celebrate Mother’s day. We are also craving for steak! We are driving around Tahlia Street and we saw Outback Restaurant. I am curious with Outback steakhouse because I’m a fan of T.V. show Survivor. In one of their episodes the reward was steak from Outback. I’m lazy to bring my camera so I just use my phone’s camera and I love the results!

IMG_0176  IMG_0169

Outback restaurant was founded in 1988 and according to their website it is an Australian-Themed casual dining. Outback Restaurant can be found in 21 countries.

I like their free appetiser.  I chose the Onion Soup than the Vegetable soup. They also gave us bread but I don’t really like it. Nothing beats the free bread from Cheesecake Factory.

IMG_0186 (1) IMG_0188

I love the Strawberry Mojito. It’s not too sweet and I prefer it than the one they serve in Applebees.


I love the Tilapia with Crab Meat. The food presentation is not so great. Next time I visit I will order this one for myself.

IMG_0196Hannah my 7 year old niece ordered Pan Seared Fish with Fettuccine. The fish is salty but the pasta is nice. She enjoyed eating it.

IMG_0194I ordered the Outback Special steak and I love it. I’m not a food expert but I read somewhere that if you are going to eat Steak it should be medium rare. I’m a medium well person but next time I eat steak I will really try medium rare. What I like about their steak is that you don’t need to put Steak Sauce in it because it’s already tasty.

IMG_0198 IMG_0199

The Restaurant is not expensive as I expected. Steak cost around 70SR up to 120SR. I will return again to try their grilled seafood.

Visit their website

Location: Jeddah Teatro Mall beside Saudi Fransi Bank Tahlia Street (2892990)

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2 Responses to Outback Restaurant Experience

  1. Victor Ho says:

    Next time you must try the Bloomin Onion. But bring an appetite.

    Liked by 1 person

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