Freshii – Healthy Fast Food Chain in Jeddah


I started dieting 1.5 months ago. When I’m at the mall I’m having difficulty where to eat because most of the fast food serves not so healthy food. Weeks ago while searching where to eat, I discovered “Freshii” a fast food chain that serves quinoa, brown rice, salads and other health stuff. I’m in love with the concept. Since then, it’s my first choice whenever I’m at the mall.

IMG_0677I searched the internet about Freshii and I found out that it’s a Canadian brand. It’s first store opened in Toronto last 2005. According to their website the idea of Freshii is to: “To create a restaurant brand that helped people all over the world live healthier and longer lives by making healthy food affordable and convenient.”

In Saudi Arabia they are serving burritos, salads, bowls, soups, juices, smoothies and frozen yogurt. I like that they are giving you options like you can change the wrap of your burrito into green wrap or make a quinoa base etc. I tried their Teriyaki and Medditerranean bowls. It is delicious.  The serving is very big like it’s good for two people! I love that you have options on what you want to combine in your low-fat froyo. You can choose 2 toppings from almonds, blueberries, green apples, mangoes, dried cranberries etc. I never tried their soups but next time I visit I will definitely order it.




You can visit their website here:

You can find Freshii in Jeddah @ Al Salam Mall Prince Majid road, As Sulaymania district, King Abdullah Rd, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
+966 12 227 0043

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