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As you all know, Apple Music launched last June 30, 2015. Apple Music is a music streaming service and for monthly fee of $9.99 (solo) or 14.99$ (family sharing up to 6 devices) you will have access to almost 30 million songs on iTunes. Right now they are giving 3 months free trial. I am really excited because right now because I’m living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and other music streaming services here are not available. Setting up Apple Music is easy. First, It will ask you about your favorite genres and artists. If I’m not mistaken after you choose your favorites it will analyze your music library and you will be asked if you want to follow your favorite artists using the connect option. When you follow the artist you can see their updates like for example Avril Lavigne will be singing her new charity single “Fly” in this coming special Olympics in LA. The layout of the app is a little bit confusing but once you get used to it, It will be easy. I actually like the design of Apple Music. I like that the background changes its color to the theme of the album artwork.


I love that there are curated song lists that based on my music taste. I like that when you enable your iCloud music library, you will be able to download the song for offline listening. It’s awesome that when you merge your iCloud music library, it will organize and put missing album artworks to all the songs in your library. What I don’t like is that I’m having difficulty setting up my iCloud music library. Thanks to this article it solved my problem. I also tried the radio and it is excellent but what I’m missing is the exclusive beats one radio because it is not available in Saudi Arabia.

IMG_1128  IMG_1130 IMG_1131

I enjoyed using it and I love that I can search for any song or music video that I want. Right now I’m playing lots of throwback pop songs from 1990s and 2000s that is not in my iTunes library. I think I will continue my subscription after 3 months. What I’m planning to do is that I will stop purchasing songs digitally. If I really love the album I will wait to buy it physically in the record store because I can stream it anyways while waiting. If you update your iTunes in your computer you will also have Apple Music. I also read somewhere that it will be also available on Android devices soon. Digital download sales are decreasing so fast and I think streaming is a perfect solution in saving the music industry. Now I know why they are saying that streaming is the future of music!


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