Solo Travel: Istanbul, Turkey (Part 2)

IstanbulWhat a rainy day in Istanbul. I started my second day in Istanbul eating lots and lots of cheese. I am so in love with Turkish foods. I am so full that I decided no to take tram and just walk to my destination (Bosporus cruise). I am so frustrated because the streets were beautiful and I want to capture it with my camera but my photos turned out to be so messed up. I guess I really need to practice more and more in photography.


After walking for like 40 minutes, I finally reached the Bosporus cruise starting point. I was about to buy a ticket but I saw the sky was so dark that it felt like it will rain already. I decided not to continue and went to Galata tower instead. On my way to the tower, I saw a photoshoot for fashion campaign. It’s like America’s Next Top Model because when the rain poured down, they still continue with the shooting and the photographer do not even mind if his models were soaking wet. So fun to watch.

Turkey's Next Top Model

Because of the rain, I eventually bought an umbrella and did not pursue going to Galata tower. Thank God for my museum card, I got places to visit that doesn’t involve outdoors and me getting wet. First, I visited museum of Islamic arts. On my way there, I saw a crazy mad sheep on the street wandering around and bumping random people.

Crazy ShipThe museum is full of old Qu’ran and nice old carpets. I am working in Saudi Arabia and I think that Saudis will appreciate the museum. I waited for the rain to stop in the museum. I was so tired from walking and my feet was aching because of my shoes. I returned to my hotel room to change shoes and I ate meat kebab with rice and salad.

FullSizeRender 3The rice was delicious. I’m recharged again so I went to the next museum called Istanbul Archeological Museum. While walking, I saw another pit stop again (LOL!). I got curious because no one was going there and I tried if my museum pass will work. The place is called Hagia Irene and my museum pass worked. It was like a scene from Tomb Raider. It was creepy because I’m alone inside and it was an old dark church.


After Hagia Irene, I eventually visited the Istanbul Archeological Museum. This was by far the most amazing museum I have visited. It was great that the museum have Egyptian mummy, head of Alexander the Great and all other artifacts from the ancient world.

Alexander The Great

After my amazing time in Archeological museum, I ended my museum day in Topkapi palace. It was the home of Ottoman sultans for 400 years. The palace is divided into four courtyards and I saw very expensive things like a baby crib with rubies on it. The highlight of the museum was, I got a chance to see the staff of Moses and sword of David.

Topkapi Palace

After my so called museum day, I eventually rested in Starbucks and ordered pumpkin spice latte. I am so tired that I’m not even hungry for dinner. Tomorrow, I hope it will be sunny so that I can go to Bosphorus cruise.

For part 1:

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