Solo Travel: Istanbul, Turkey (Part 3) I got lost!

I’m so behind the schedule! I want to blog about my recent trip in Boracay, Philippines but still, I haven’t finished my journey in Turkey.

Day 3 of my first ever solo travel in Istanbul started with me playing with my breakfast cheese. One of the good thing about solo travel and not having an itenirary is that you have a freedom to choose what do you want to do for the day, without the time pressure.

Playing with my cheese

Playing with my cheese

Thank heavens, the weather was so nice compared to my 2nd day were I spend the entire time inside museums. After I finished playing with my cheese, I read my map and decided to start my tour in Galata tower. I took the tram and it was super cheap! For 10 only Turkish liras you have 3 rides already.


After the tram, I walked and I used a map as my guide. It was written on the map that the tower was near to me but after minutes of walking, I still didn’t see any tower. I started to feel nervous when I noticed I’m walking alone in a narrow empty street. My vivid imagination started to takeover and I pictured scenes from the gory film Hostel. Thank God, someone helped me to locate the tower. IMG_3215

In latin, Galata tower is called Christea Turris which means tower of Christ. It was built in 1348 by Genoese colony. There’s cafe at the top of the tower. The view from the top was breathtaking. I was astonished seeing Istanbul from the top. If I have to choose between the 145th floor of Burj Khalifa in Dubai to the 9th floor of Galata tower, I pick Galata tower any day.

Galata Tower

I spent like an hour sight seeing in Galata tower. After that, I went immediately to Bosphorus cruise port. Seri Hatlari is the official cruise for Turkey and I recommend it than the private tours. You have two options, the short trip (lasted for 3 hours) or the full day cruise (6-7 hours). I went on with the full day cruise and besides it was cheap. 25 Turkish liras but due to me having my very reliable museum card, I only paid 20.

IMG_3247 IMG_3209

While in the ship, I felt so relaxed and I listened to random songs on my phone and it was a very nice experience for me. I felt so grateful and a little emotional because I can not believe I’m travelling in the black sea. The ship dropped us in a place where the Yoros castle was located. It was a Byzantine empire ruined castle. I did not expect that we will climb a mountain just to reach it. It was tiring but the view was so worth it.


While waiting for the ship, I ate my lunch sea side and there were many restaurant offering me their menu and I was like “I will choose whoever got a wifi access!” Haha!


I ended day 3 with a heavy dinner and a white wine. It’s so fast and I’m in denial that it will be my last day tomorrow.


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