I’m back!

The sole purpose why I open this blog is to practice my english skills in preparation for my IELTS exam. Now, I’m back because I will take another english test, for the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration. Moving to another country legally is a very long process. Anyway, I will continue the last part of my trip to Turkey and will move on to my other travels in Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Dubai and Philippines. I promise to blog as regular as I can. I will try to remember what happened during my travels, the best I can. Also, it’s nice that I’m logging my memories through blogging because years from now, I can easily reminisce what happened in the past by reading my blog.

I got plenty of time during my last day because my flight back to Manila will be around 8-9 in the evening. While enjoying the breakfast buffet, I looked at my map again and decided where to go. I wanted to visit Taksim square but I love exploring old places with history rather than shopping (I don’t have money to shop also ;))  so I decided to go to Dolmabahce Palace.



The Palace was built between 1843-1856. The sultan at that time moved to this palace because he felt like his previous residence, the humongous Topkapi palace is not luxurious enough compared to other palaces of european monarchs. Inside the palace there’s a tour guide and you need to cover your shoes with the plastic they provided.

What’s good thing about travelling is that you will meet lots of new people from all over the world. A  tall Australian guy, blonde hair, law student from Perth  approached me. He was like “Uhm, English? You speak English”. He introduced himself and we did the tour together and I got a free photographer! The palace is so grand and you can still see the old books, paintings, furnitures and huge chandeliers inside (top 3-5 biggest chandeliers in the world). The interiors, especially the ceiling was beautiful.  Unfortunately, taking photos was not allowed.

After the tour finished, I said goodbye the Australian guy. I  returned to my hotel to check out and spent my precious remaining hours in Istanbul by staying in Sultanahmet Square. I just stayed in the park, read a novel (9 months later and 10 pounds heavier, I still not finished reading it), observed the locals and waited there until it’s my time to go to the airport.


I made it to the airport two hours before my flight. I still have an ample time to eat, browse my photos (Ya’ know I’m only travelling for photos /shade) and chill in the airport lounge.


To sum it all up,  this is the video of my memorable Istanbul, Turkey tour:

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