A Day In Venice (Italy day 2)

I don’t know what’s happening in my laptop right now but I can’t update my blog on it. I’m blogging by my phone. It is hard but whatever. Let’s continue on with my Italian vacation. On our day 2, we decided to visit Venice. We traveled to Venice to Milan via high speed train. I experienced first class train ride for the first time and it got food in it. Before we move on, I just want to mention show how beautiful Milan Central train station is…..

Milano Centrale Station

After 2 hours and 10 minutes by train, we arrived in Venice. By the time I stepped out of the station, I immediately saw the water, gondolas, boats and gorgueous buildings. I fell in love with the place. It was everything I imagined. I can’t believe that I’m in Venice. The water highway was crazy! There’s taxi boat and a public ferry ride that works like a metro but in water!

First thing we wanted to do is to ride a gondola. I know it is a tourist trap but I don’t care. It cost 80 euros. Funny thing was, while we are waiting for our gondola, a teacher from New Zealand told us that 6 people can share one gondola ride. We were 3 and she wanted to share with us so it would be cheaper for all of us. While we were chatting with the teacher, a couple from Peru asked us about gondola ride. The teacher explained everything to them and decided to share a ride also with us. That’s 80 Euros divided by 6. What a great discount! When the gondola arrived, the Gondolier asked us if we know each other because it is not allowed to share. The teacher told him that we were all here for a teacher’s conference. The Gondolier told us “I wasn’t born yesterday”. In the end, he still let us rode the gondola. It was so nice meeting people from different countries and I love listening to their stories.

Right after the Gondola ride, we went to St Mark’s square. We wanted to eat but there’s lot of sites to visit and we have limited time so we just bought food that we can eat while walking. We decided to visit Doge’s Palace because it was number 1 on museum to visit in Venice according to tripadvisor. I’m lazy to put the info of the palace because I’m on my phone but hands down this is my favorite museum of all time. The interiors were breath taking. The ceiling was full of artistic masterpiece.

last window that the prisoner will see in Doge’s palace

Sad thing was, we have a museum pass but we weren’t able to use it because we ran out of time. We just spent our precious time in Venice relaxing in St. Mark’s square. 

I adore Venice and it was the favorite place I have ever visited (I always say this one everytime I travel). Here is my vlog about Venice:

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